Jackson Memorial Hospital Retrofit Outdoor Custom Design Built Outdoor LCD Signs


Miami, Florida –– Nanov Display introduces a four-sided outdoor LCD pylon sign. It joins our line of exterior dynamic signs that have been built to endure the humid, hot climate of South Florida. These 75" four-sided pylon signs are tamper-proof, resilient in the face of high wind-loads, and lined with layers of hurricane-resistant laminated glass to withstand the challenges of the climate. This design features JacksonMemorial Hospital branding along the sides, with backlit LED information signs translated into three languages - English, Spanish and Creole. The model also includes a bottom stainless-steel kick plate to protect the sign from strollers, flooding, and pests. The ceiling has been constructed out of light aluminum, and the structure is fully protected by an encased powdered-steel enclosure. As a robust 10’ high LCD sign, it is a dynamic design that provides information, news, advertisements, maps and more –– ideal to aid people in contexts ranging from hospitals to shopping malls, and other commercial settings.

The signs include a hardware maintenance module, which has a UL879 certified LCD environment controller to monitor hardware remotely via Ethernet. The hardware can be powered on or off remotely, and has been equipped with ambiance sensors with access to brightness, fan speed, and internal temperature control as well as monitoring. In addition, the monitor has been embedded with pixel moving detection sensors that can alert management within seconds whenever the screen stops displaying content. Each of the kiosks is embedded with an Intel i-7 processor and runs on Windows 10.

Nanov Display received the official UL48 and UL879 Compliant certification––indoor/outdoor use––for their Outdoor LCD signs and LCD controller respectively, through Underwriters Laboratories. The UL48 evaluation involves a rigorous waterproof test (4-Hour – Water Shower), a construction test (for resilience against corrosion, mechanical electrical disconnections, and damage to sealant), an electrical test (checking the circuit breaker, grounding, terminal block, Class 2 circuit, and wiring), among other testing. UL is a global safety consulting and certification company, renowned for product-testing and safety-analysis of new technology. The LCD sign controller is a critical component of Outdoor LCD Signs, and the UL required to certify UL879 component compliance guarantees its quality and ensures long term durability. Additionally Nanov has also recently completed UL879 testing of both the main board and power board.

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Tina Miller