Calgary, Montgomery County, Metrolink in Toronto


Our 49-inch and 55-inch Outdoor Transit Displays have been deployed in bus stations, train stations subway stations and public parking lots across North America including Montgomery County, Maryland,Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario, Oslo, Norway.

The NILT490WPS, 49" IP67 transit information display comes with a remote health maintenance program, as well as an outdoor SMA connector to connect an antenna that sends wireless signals to an embedded Verizon LTE modem and can transmit up-to-the-minute information about buses in real time. The unit is also embedded with an Intel i-5 Processor, 8G of RAM and a 128G SSD.

The fully-sealed NILT490WPS is IP65 rated, which makes the product weatherproof, resilient to wind and dust and protected against vibrations. Tempered glass with anti-reflection film creates a sturdy, vandal-proof barrier and 1200-candela allows for ultra-high brightness and crystal-clear legibility under harsh, direct sunlight, which means passengers will be able to check real-time bus schedules in any weather.


Tina Miller