Nanov Display Retrofits 75” Outdoor Architectural LCD Sign at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL

Miami, Florida – April 12, 2019

Nanov Display has applied the latest modifications to the 75” Architectural LCD sign built for Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. JMH’s LCD structure is a four-sided wonder – the first of its kind, custom designed with a roofed enclosure for the subtropical climate, this 75” architectural sign is resistant to intense shifts in weather, hurricane-strength wind, and salt erosion.

This design features Jackson Memorial Hospital branding along the sides, with backlit LED information signs translated into three languages - English, Spanish and Creole. The model also includes a bottom stainless-steel kick plate to protect the sign from strollers, flooding, and pests. The ceiling has been constructed out of light aluminum, and the structure is fully protected by an encased powdered-steel enclosure. As a robust 10’ high LCD sign, it is a dynamic design that provides information, news, advertisements, maps and more –– ideal to aid people in contexts ranging from hospitals to shopping malls, and other commercial settings.

This month, the retrofit work for the kiosk included the modification of a door in order to have the power source be easily accessible. This meant installing casters, as well as high-precision welding of hinges, in order to create an open door – these are hinges that can hold up to 700lbs. Additionally, the roof structure was modified, the cement foundation levelled, and caster to roll the door. LED Side Bar signs were altered to precisely align with the adjusted circumference of the doorway’s path, after hinges were installed. Tarpaulin was installed to work under rain. In the NANOV Consortium, construction was conducted by AECOM, with General Contracture by FH Paschon. Electrical Contractors were from PYD Electric, Data Contractors from ASE Telecom, and Convergent handled all Digital aspects, with Logistics by Imbrax. Nanov Display, Inc. handled hardware manufacturing as well as high-precision engineering and welding. With all four LCD Signs, custom-designed and built with pedestals for longterm durability and resilience in all-weather conditions.

Each model includes a Remote Maintenance module with an extensive hardware health monitoring system –– eliminating transit delays caused by manual repairs and allowing for easy fixes handled from a distance. The module is connected to a monitoring interface with real-time data that shows the status of the hardware via Ethernet and provides extensive control entirely from a distance. With this, hardware can be powered on or off remotely, and has been equipped with sensors and remote control over brightness, fan speed, and thermal regulation. Furthermore, Nanov is known for its leadership in the realm of IoT and sustainability.

With an abundance of interactive features and highly-customizable design—shaped to each specific context and climate—Nanov Display leads the way in all-weather, digital displays meant for the outdoors, transit, and beyond.

Nanov Display, Inc. is a company that specializes in manufacturing Liquid Crystal Information Displays for the media and transit industries. NANOV produces robust, digital LCD monitors and exterior signage that can withstand a myriad of environmental challenges.

Learn more about this product or for details on our onsite modifications on our website, or contact us for more information.

Tina Miller