UL-879 Remote Maintenance Module, Electronic Sign Controller NRMCB-10

We have received the UL48 and UL879 Compliance Certification––for indoor/outdoor use––for our Outdoor LCD signs and Outdoor LCD Environment Controller respectively, through Underwriters Laboratories. UL is a global safety consulting and certification company, renowned for product-testing and safety-analysis of new technology. Our controller has received UL879 Compliant Certification––for indoor/outdoor use––for their Outdoor LCD signs and Outdoor LCD Environment Controller respectively, through Underwriters Laboratories.

Nanov has embedded four IP cameras and two USB cameras in the latest Smart Cities Kiosk model with Axis FX44 networking. With 5G wireless CBRS networking, video streaming is faster and improved, with ultra high-quality video compression technologies. Nanov is further engineering technologies to allow for panning, as well as tilt zooming capabilities for the IP cameras and antennas, under environmentally controller housing. Furthermore, the design efficiently tucks the heater, air-circulation inside fully sealed camera dome housing.

With integrated four IP Cameras, 360 ̊ surveillance and security are available via internet, as well as public-facing cameras for CCTV networking, selfies, analytics and kiosk interaction, Nanov’s latest kiosks are equipped to deal with a multitude of facets of the social realm in urban environments. With an abundance of interactive features and highly-customizable design—shaped to each specific context and climate—Nanov Display leads the way in all-weather, digital displays meant for the outdoors, transit, and beyond.

All updated transit monitors now include an Outdoor LCD Sign Controller, NRMCB-10, which has been integrated into NANOV hardware and beyond. This model has been created in conjunction with a user-friendly Dash Board, and can control a variety of components within outdoor signage ranging from the Fans, Heater, Temperature, Humidity, Modems, Computer, and the LCD Panel itself.

The NRMCB-10 can track and indicate any disruptions within the Power Sequence – by checking and displaying the status of the Computer booting time, Video input signal time, and Modem booting time. Additionally, when the modem does not respond, an automatic alert can be setup, as well as an auto reset of the modem or system.

To learn more about these products, please contact us at info@nanovdisplay.com.

Tina Miller