Product Features

(2019-03-15) NISDK-550PCT-DFW_Side View Two Validator Content.png

RF Transparent LED Box

Kiosk with Remote color changing RF Transparent LED Box

NIADM-460LC_Front View.png

Embedded IP Camera Mount

(2018-12-13)NILSM-420LC-SFMTA content.png

UL-48 Compliance

UL48 LCD outdoor signs certified

NIASM-650PH_Content_TouchScreen_BayCenter BC.png

2 Point Zoom PCAP Touch Glass

Projected Capacitive (PCAP), 2 points, zoom Works with bare fingers and gloved fingers High positional accuracy (2.5mm typical) 92%-100% light transmission through PCAP < 10 ms response time

NIASM-460LC_Front View_Seattle content.png

Wall Mountable

(2018-12-13) NIASM-320LC-SFMTA content.png

Embedded LTE Modem