Product Features


Outdoor Climate Resilience

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Nanov Display continues to lead the way in LCD monitors and structures adapted to the changing climate – from blizzards to unexpected hurricanes, from blazing heat to lush humidity, the accumulation of dust in the underground, to the salt erosion of the oceans, our products are impervious to the challenges posed by any weather, natural disaster, or microbiome, and designed with your specific setting in mind. Our weatherproof, outdoor IP65 products are enclosed in a powdered steel case, which encase our innovative heat-pipe and ventilation systems for automated heating and cooling. 

Our climate safety features go above and beyond, with extra grounding and insulation measures to deter electrical shocks during lightning storms. Additionally, with a suite of embedded sensors from our Environmental Controller featured in all of our products, instant updates and remote monitoring about internal temperatures, humidity, and other stats – for inclement emergency weather or sudden climate related unit failures, alerts can be sent straight to and from your office. Our displays retain natural coloring, even under harsh, direct sunlight, by customizing internal temperatures and color balances, carefully adapted to each specific context. Our products hold eight internal fan systems that are 6000 RPM, as well as three scroll fans which keep the displays impervious to dust and black blotches, maintaining high quality images in every urban environment.


Networking Solutions

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With cutting-edge, fully-integrated networking solutions, Nanov Display looks towards the future, as it continues to seamlessly integrate with the past and present –– with incoming 5G CBRS 3.5 MHz products, as well as 4G, and Fiber Optic Networking Solutions. Stepping into the connected future of Outdoor 5G-Ready products and a variety of private LTE networking solutions, means secure, reliable internet, and faster access for all, in any location. 

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Transit Mounting Solutions

Nanov Display offers a wide array of high-precision engineering mounting solutions –– there are Ceiling and Wall Mounts, as well as, for more difficult surfaces, Arm Mounts that attach to an angled column. Whatever the context, we can design a mounting solution that will deliver strong, secure

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Easy + Remote Maintenance

As a built-in feature––for safety and convenience––technical problems that arise can be addressed with a remote maintenance module to reset systems without the difficulty and expense of sending in a repair team hardware technical maintenance – preventing train delays. Monitor issues, easily reset specific displays, all from the comfort of the office. 

The NRMCB-10 is our Outdoor LCD Sign Controller seamlessly incorporated into Nanov Hardware for easy and remote maintenance. Created in conjunction with a user-friendly Dash Board, the module can control and adjust a variety of components within the outdoor signage ranging from the Fans, Heater, Temperature, Humidity, Modems, Computer, and the LCD Panel itself. These and other internal metrics can be easily and securely monitored and accessed from any location. Additionally, the module can be configured to send alerts back or relay messages, if there are any maintenance issues or emergencies. 



Our products offer a range of built-in and add-on features for security and clarity –– our full catalog is manufactured with fully-sealed designs to enclose glass for thorough protection, as well as IR Glass, Vandal Proof layers as a precautionary design for public hazards, Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare Glass for immaculate clarity under harsh, direct sunlight, and Tempered Glass as an extra security measure. Add-on Features include hurricane-resilient multi-layer glass designs to withstand natural disasters, and Touchscreen Glass. 


Display Preferences + Variety

Nanov Display can design and manufacture a product for your context – ranging from standard sizes in Portrait, Landscape, Single-Sided, and Double-Sided styles, as well as Stretched models for Underground and Transit settings, as well as Architectural 4-Sided designs for institutional and commercial contexts, like hospitals, city-centers, and shopping malls. 


UL Certified


A variety of Nanov products have received UL-48 and UL-879 certification. UL is a global safety consulting and certification company, renowned for product-testing and safety-analysis of new technology.

The UL48 evaluation involves a rigorous waterproof test (a water-shower administered over the duration of 4-hours) to ensure resistance to rainstorm or blizzards, a test that consists of a ball dropping against the structure to ensure security against vandals, an electrical test (including a check of the circuit breaker, grounding, terminal block, Class 2 circuit, and wiring), among other testing. This certification is requisite in many cities and guarantees utmost quality and safety to NANOV customers and city inspectors alike, making it a seamless approval for municipality compliance regulations and requirements.