Cross-Track Digital Signage Designed for Subway and Train Platforms

Our latest cross-track digital signage has been specially designed for subway and train stations, and has a range of features to withstand the challenges of the urban environment. This model has successfully been deployed and can be found integrated into public transit systems in Europe as well as in North America.

Our structures have proven to be impervious to the steady vibrations of moving trains, as well as the accumulation of dust and features a heavy-duty wall mount structure to firmly attach to any concrete wall curvature. In addition, our partners' wireless digital signage solutions work immaculately underground.Our fully sealed ventilation system, using patented heat pipe technology, allows for proper thermoregulation and transfers heat effectively.

Lastly, as a built-in safety mechanism, technical problems that arise can be addressed with a remote maintenance module to reset systems without the difficulty and expense of hardware technical maintenance – preventing train delays. Monitor issues, easily reset specific displays, all from the comfort of the office.

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Tina Miller